For smoking Dads

This post is typically for fathers who are chain smokers and cant even resist smoking at home.

Smoking is highly addictive I say this because even I am addicted. There are some basic rules / self discipline to be followed that would help yourselves improve your self respect and would gain others respect too.

Tips for smokers:
  • First and very important rule - NEVER EVER SMOKE IN FRONT OF LADIES - This could be anybody your daughter, your friends (female), your daughter-in-law, your wife (If she doesnt like it), your mother or any other female. Females are very allergic to smoke and get irritated / uncomfortable when you smoke. The smoke definitely creates congestion & suffocation and people (women especially) get restless in such environments. This should be followed as a rule of thumb. Following this would mean that you definitely respect women and that you are a decent person. This habit would always be appreciated by your family as well as friends.
  • Avoid smoking at your residence. House cannot be a home until and unless you strive to make it. Every member of your family come here to relax and relieve the day-long stress, if you practice smoking at your home then this would add to the stress they undergo during the day. They would feel uncomfortable and try to be away from you and smoking at home results in continuous pungent smell gets created and effects each and every visitor to your house which creates a worst impression. If you are very addicted to smoking and can't resist, then be sure you are smoking at an open space, either a balcony or an open terrace (if you have one at your house). You should definitely follow this if you have daughters / daughter-in-law at your house or even younger boys. They will never ever disclose their discomfort as they love you and might feel that you may feel bad if they tell it directly. So you are responsible for giving that love back to them. Earning household income is not sufficient but you are the only one responsible for making your house a beautiful place to live. Your famile members love you so you should definitely give more than that by making them comfortable by making the living area smokefree and comfortable. This habit kills you slowly and also your family members. Your wife & children could be tolerating but that doesn't mean you should take everything for granted. Its your right to live as you wish at a place which you have bought but by smoking at home you are not living but dieing and that too not alone but along with your family. If you observe closely, you restrict yourselves from smoking at banned places like offices / public places, this is because there is a mandatory clause to it. So if you can follow these rules then definitely you should create a rule for yourselves that would act against smoking at home. This might be tough if you are used to smoking at frequent intervals but you should also think of other who are residing with you. As explained above you can smoke at open places within your house.
  • Never smoke in front of your children. Children, especially boys, tend to make their father as a role model and they love to do everything that his father does. So smoking in front of them would definitely create an impression that smoking is a man's job which in reality isn't. Smoking is always bad, but if you are addicted then make sure you are not smoking in fornt of your children.
  • Never smoke in confined spaces. Smoking in confined spaces would make the environment uncomfortable and create suffocation among others within the space.

Above are some of the tips for smokers, follow this and your are definiteky going to make your house and surroundings a better place to live.

One last tip to all smokers out there "Stop Smoking"

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Clarice said...

It seems that my brother wouldn't listen to your last tip. Lately, I can see that he really likes smoking using vaporizers. He got the product in his favorite vaporizer store. But he doesn't smoke in front of his kids. Mom and Dad didn't disallow him to do so when they learned that he's into herb vaporizer. Thanks for sharing the reminders!

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